When it comes to choosing the right product for your home, you are suggested to check multiple options. One of the underrated areas of a home is the staircases. People often forget to decorate this part of their home because of a lack of options. Though the options are limited, some of them are really gorgeous. Wooden handrail and stair products are one of them. If you consider installing timber railing in your home, you can enjoy some wonderful benefits. You should consider contacting your local timber merchant in Kent for the best products.

Benefits of Timber Balustrade

  • Aesthetically Impressive
Timber or wooden handrails and balustrades look absolutely gorgeous. They are aesthetically impressive and make your interior look stunning. They give you a royal and natural look which will reflect your high lifestyle as well. These wooden balustrades are something elegant that will optimise the standard of your interior decoration to a great extent.
  • Extremely Customisable
When you contact the top timber merchants of your area, they can provide you with various design options to suit your diverse needs. Wooden balustrades are available in various designs keeping different types of home decor in mind. Hence, you can have something customisable for your home to give it an elegant look.
  • Light Weight
These timber balustrades are lighter in weight than concrete, stone or glass-made ones. Hence, they are easy to handle. You can easily manage and install them without the risks of breaking.
  • Great Durability
Timber never gets old. It is a timeless object that gets classier over time. Hence, you can enjoy the great durability of your staircase products when you choose timber as a material. A properly maintained wooden stair product can last with you for several years.
  • Moderate Cost
When you compare timber balustrades with products made of glass or stone, you will always find the prior option less expensive. However, the timber ones are a bit expensive than handrails and balustrades made of stainless steel, but that gorgeous look worth this much money. For the best quality products, you need to contact the right timber merchant. They can offer a great range of timber products that you can use for various residential projects. At Lordans Timber, we have such a wide stock. We serve both domestic and commercial clients as per their individual and specific requirements. Our aim is to provide them with the finest products within their budget. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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