Good architecture and construction are crucial to increase and enhance the home aesthetics. Although there are a variety of materials to choose from, architects suggest the use of timber for most commercial, residential or industrial designs. You can consult reliable professionals for timber supplies so that their products stand against the test of time. You can also keep up with the latest trends in timber usage within the building industry.

Know Why to Select Timber for Construction  

Great Insulator

Timber or wood has high insulation and better thermal properties than any other mainstream construction material. With the capacity to insulate five times stronger than bricks, and 350 times more than steel, it is a sustainable option and a worthy investment. Moreover, besides being inexpensive, you can dramatically reduce the energy bills.


Buildings made from timber are quick to build and erect. As compared to stone or brick buildings, the constructors and architects find the process straightforward and less time-consuming. With the use of timber, you can enjoy bespoke options and solutions according to your preferred shape or dimensions.

Durable and Strong

Timber is a versatile material since it can withstand harsh weather conditions and external pressure. While maintaining their performance and longevity, they are highly resistant to water, moisture, insects and rots and hence is durable too. Timber also has natural properties making it an effective sound insulator and acoustic buffer. Even in terms of appearance, you can choose from the different textures and colour patterns.

Highly Tensile

This robust variety of wood has 50% more tensile strength than steel material. It is highly workable for architects, and you can accommodate it to any design according to your choice and styles. They are also a healthy alternative to the other construction materials. timber is non-toxic and natural. It eliminates all health risks, therefore improving the indoor air quality and reducing toxicity levels in the environment.

Timber Supplies

At Lordan’s Timber, we provide reliable and specialised timber supplies in Sussex, providing premium quality and high standard products for construction purposes. We cater to every client requirement with utmost satisfaction and professionalism.

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