Choosing the right quality of timber is highly crucial to get the perfect product application and appearance. Be it for commercial construction or domestic flooring, timber is highly utilised for its extensive features like aesthetics, insulation properties, tensile strength, cost-effectiveness etc. While there is a wide variety of timber available in the market today, you should only buy it from reputable timber merchants for the assured outcome.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Timber

1. Surface finish

The timber that you choose should be suitable to use for the environment. While the material comes with different finishes, it is responsible for enhancing the structural aesthetics and beauty of the wood. Proper finishing also determines the compatibility of the timber with the surroundings. If you use the timber for outdoor applications, having UV protection, moisture-wicking and rot resistance finish will guarantee the long-term sustainability of the product. You can also treat it for protection against scums or scratch.

2. Durability

Before purchasing timber, you should also ensure its durability and strength. The floorings, fencing and decking of the homes are often exposed to high traffic, harsh elements, severe weather conditions, infestation from pests etc. Be careful to choose timber that provides long-term resistance to these elements. Sometimes, the manufacturers treat the timber with chemicals to increase its resistance power.

3. Workability

Regardless of the final outcome/product, it is essential to work with the right type of timber wood. While the visual appeal of the wood is definitely a priority, you should also consider its workability, which is a major determinant of its quality. Additionally, you should also consider its cost.

4. Intended Purpose

We recommend you to purchase timber only after considering its application and use. The quality of timber wood will depend on whether you will use it for indoor or outdoor applications. Based on the factors like sunlight exposure, moisture, traffic, decay, you can decide to purchase the ideal type of timber.

5. Colour

The colour of the timber is another significant factor. For decking or flooring, you can buy textured and coloured timber to accentuate the home design. Of course, this choice will depend on our project vision. For some construction projects, the natural colour of timber wood looks appealing. If you are tight on budget, you can select softwood timber like pine. For competitive prices, you can opt for hardwood timber.

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