When it comes to choosing the right kind of garden decking, people often look for timber as a trusted alternative. Timber decking is popular for various reasons. Whether you need one beside your pool or the garden patio – you can choose timber decking as a great option. Your timber merchant will help you to obtain the right kind of material to build robust and stylish garden decks for your property in Kent.

Reasons to Choose Timber for Decking


Timber Decks Look Attractive

Timber decks are a great addition to landscape design since they look gorgeous and stylish. When you want to improve the visual appeal of your landscape, you cannot ignore timber decking as a reliable option.

Give a Natural Vibe

Timber is a natural element that is perfect for the ambiance you want to have in your landscape. Instead of concrete or stone, timber looks more natural and perfect for landscapes surrounded by different types of trees and plants. The wood effect will give a great vibe.

Numerous Uses of Timber Decking

You can see timber decking at various places apart from your garden patio. It can have this by your swimming pool, terrace living room, garden kitchen or open-air living area as well. Timber decking looks absolutely brilliant for all types of outdoor decking requirements.

Get a Great Alfresco Living Area

If you want to build a stylish and alluring alfresco living area in your property, you can just add a cover on your timber decks. This can be turned into a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor living space for your family. Your timber merchant will provide you with the right kind of products that can be used for such outdoor living spaces.

Cost-Effective Option

Wood decking is less expensive than PVC or composite decking. Therefore, if you wish to get something elegant and durable without making it a burden for your pocket, wood decking is your right option.

Choose the Right Timber Merchant

You can reap all the benefits of timber decking when you get the products from a reliable and well-established timber merchant in Kent. Look for one with a high reputation and great product range to obtain something cost-effective and reliable.

Lordans Timber is the right place for homeowners who need top quality timber for decking. We can deliver premium timber for decking and other works. Our range of products is matchless, and the price is competitive.

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