Timber decks are a popular option in many homes across the UK. It functions as an ideal outdoor space where the family members can enjoy a relaxing barbeque event or eat lunch together. You can socialise with other people, and spend quality time with friends. But to make the most of every moment, it is essential to keep the deck clean and well maintained.

The primary consideration is to source high-quality material from the reputable Timber merchant in Kent. It guarantees sustainability and premium class performance. But with time, timber decks also undergoes frequent wear and tear. The changing weather plays a massive part in this. It is advisable to opt for routine cleaning and maintenance to prolong its lifespan and prevent rots/damage.  

Smart Maintenance Tips for Timber Decks

  1. Washing

Opt for thorough cleaning of the timber decks once every year. If you leave the dirt and dust unattended, it can cause damage and discolouration, rots and mould formation. You can start by sweeping the deck to remove debris and dust from the surface. Use a bristle brush to remove the leaves and mud. Do not sweep too harshly.

You can hire professional cleaners who are specialised experts for deck cleaning. They will carefully check between the timber boards and grooves for dirt accumulation and drain the surface along the edges.

  1. Power washing

At times, the professionals will perform pressure washing of the decks with cleaning agents/solutions. There are specialised timber deck cleaners for wooden decks, which you can customise as per your requirement. Using a deck cleaner is important to remove mildew and mould growth.

If you want a thorough cleaning of the deck, you can apply oxygen bleach. It is a safe alternative to chlorine bleach, especially when it comes to colour restoration.

  1. General Maintenance

After cleaning the deck, inspect it carefully to identify the problem areas. You can check for rotten and loose boards. The professionals will fix and repair it so that it stays in a good working condition. If you leave it like that, the boards can twist and warp. Be careful with nails and screws, or else the boards can come out entirely.

Sanding of the decks remove splinters, irregularities and unevenness.  The sealant sinks in properly, and it prevents cracking or warping. The experts will remove all stains and make the deck look shiny again.

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