Everything To Know About Timber Cladding Your Home

If you are planning to revamp the house exterior, you should opt for timber cladding. It is a sustainable and attractive option for the exterior walls of the house. The architects and engineers suggest it to protect the outsides of the building, insulate it and enhance its appearance. You should consult the Timber merchant Kent for timber cladding and good quality timber supply.

Also known as weatherboard or siding, the evolution of timber cladding happened from an architectural style primarily utilised for commercial and residential buildings. In this blog, we will discuss in details about the procedure and benefits of timber cladding.




What is Timber Cladding? 

Cladding refers to the procedure of applying an extra outdoor layer to the outside of the building. It helps protect the exterior walls to ensure a shiny and undamaged appearance. The same applies to timber wood too.

Timber cladding is like a second skin for the house. The mechanics install it on the external facade of the building to protect it from external elements and harsh weather. However, it improves the overall aesthetics of the building, with a luxurious and chic appeal. Most homeowners prefer timber cladding room ceilings, too, as a unique focal point/area.

What Does Timber Cladding Do? 

Forming an outer skin of the building, it consists of boards that overlap each other to form a protective layer over the wall. The principle is almost like roof shingles. The mechanics build a slight gap between the wall and the cladding for maximising protection. This way, the moisture that gets inside evaporates faster.

You can do timber cladding internally as well as externally.

Why is Timber Cladding Better than Other Materials? 

Timber is flexible and lightweight. For most homeowners, the option is less expensive because they do not require additional support. The timber cladding gets enough support from the posts, piers and column of the building.

No other material can match the aesthetics of timber. It provides for an elegant and luxurious natural appearance so that the building blends with the natural surrounding. You can find it in different coatings, texture and colour.

Advantages of Timber Cladding

The option of timber cladding is immensely popular with architects. It is economical and a go-to material for enhancing the beauty of homes. The material offers multiple benefits –

  • Timber is a renewable source
  • Timber has an attractive grainy texture and appearance, which significantly leverages the outlook of your house
  • It is an environmentally friendly option, with low carbon footprints and can be recycled too
  • Strong but lightweight
  • It has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties

Tips to Improve Timber Cladding Quality 

  • You can protect it from rainwater by applying overhangs.
  • For outdoor timber cladding, keep it 150mm to 250mm above-ground levels. This way, it cannot soak in moisture
  • You should be careful to seal the end grain of timber cladding.
  • Ensure that the cladding does not have direct contact with any porous materials.

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