Different types of timber products are popular among buyers. The durability and the consistency of the woods differentiate one from the other. The prices of these timbers also vary according to their added features.


About Oak:

One of the valuable timbers in the market is oak. It is extremely strong timber that can withstand all types of natural conditions. You can produce furniture both indoors and outdoor use with this wood.


Why do Timber Merchants Prefer Oak?

Investing in timber can get you into a tricky situation. However, oak is a reliable timber that you can trust easily. Here you can find some of the reasons why it has become popular among timber merchants in Sussex.


  • Mature and Durable: The strength of oak furniture is much greater when compared to other types of timber. There are different variations of an oak tree which is different in colour and texture. However, they are common in some qualities, like, insect and fungi resistant quality, highly durable even in extreme weather conditions and can remain intact for generations.


  • Blend of Texture and Colour: Oak can give a fabulous natural look without varnish or paint. The natural colour provides a great tone to the oak furniture, which you can place in any part of a home.


  • Manageable Cost: Oak is cost-effective when compared with other forms of hardwood. It is undeniably a great investment that will give you better returns in the long run. Over the years, the texture and the character of the timber have improved a lot. It is also resistant to natural conditions and insects. So there are lesser worries about frequent maintenance.


  • Versatile Usage: Being a strong and durable option, oak can be used in different forms. You can produce anything with oak, from a low-top coffee table to a large shaped wardrobe. It can also be a smart option for replacing the doors in your house.


As a timber for making furniture, the reputation of oak is unchallenged. The feature-rich timber has been the first choice of domestic furniture providers for ages. The reasons discussed above show why it is a great investment.


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