Different projects require different kinds of wood and timber. However, it is mainly divided into two types on the basis of its structure and quality. They are ‘hardwood’ and ‘softwood’. There are major points of difference between these two types. You can get them at competitive prices from the reputable timber merchant in Sussex.


Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood


You can distinguish hardwood and softwoods by the tree from where they come. Hardwoods derive from angiosperm trees. They have broad leaves which fall every autumn. Softwood comes from gymnosperm trees. They are like conifers with needles that remain evergreen throughout the year. Since the hardwood trees grow slowly, the timber is dense and strong.


What are hardwoods?


Hardwood comes from those trees classified as angiosperms. These reproduce with flowering plants like maple, walnut and oak. You can find it in temporal and tropical regions and is deciduous. This implies that the trees have broader leaves and are deciduous. Its structure is more complex than that of softwood. Besides, they grow more slowly than softwood, taking approximately 150 years or more. During this time, it grows up to be heavier and denser.


What is softwood?


The word gymnosperm translates from the Greek meaning ‘the revealed seed’. This means that the tree seeds, like cone pines, are not enclosed in the ovule. Thus, they can move and spread easily and quickly without any housing. Softwood is from the gymnosperm category of trees like conifer or evergreen trees. They, much like cedar, pine and spruces, have needle-like leaves. They usually take around 40 years to harvest. This nature of growth makes it less dense than hardwood.


Hardwood VS Softwood 


  • Cell Structure

The visible pores in hardwood are different from the simple cellular structure in softwood. The former uses the pores to carry water and nutrients. In the latter, the tree moves the water by cells called longitudinal tracheid and medullary rays.

  • Strength

Hardwood is robust as compared to softwood. The hardwood has greater density and slow growth. This makes it strong and durable than the other kind.

  • Durability

Hardwood is highly durable because of its condensed and complex structure and growth. It shows excellent fire resistivity too. On the other hand, softwood can be made into garden furniture with bolstered exterior performance.

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