Homeowners generally pay attention to making their houses energy-efficient. They try to lock the cosy and warm ambiance of their rooms and stop the outdoor cold (or, in some cases, hot) air from coming inside their house. But, they often ignore the sound.

Sound insulation is also critical to making a home truly comfortable and healthy. Timber walls play a vital role in making your home soundproof. Whenever you look for reliable timber supplies in Kent, you must opt for products that can be used to make your home soundproof. Your local timber supplier in Kent will help you get the best products according to the requirements of your project.

What is Soundproofing?

Sound insulation or soundproofing is the process of reducing the pressure of noise in a certain area, typically an enclosed area. It is a measure to prevent locally produced sound waves from pervading.

It does not always have to be a concrete wall or something heavier that can prevent sound waves from passing through. It can be wood that can prevent the smooth and unhindered journey of sound to a certain room from the source.

Why Is Timber Good for Soundproofing?

Typically, timber is good for soundproofing certain areas because it has plenty of air spaces that can trap the sound easily. When you use the best quality timber to build soundproof rooms, it works both ways. The room will release minimal indoor sound to the exterior and receive nominal sound waves from the outside.

This is the reason many builders, interior decorators, and property owners prefer to use timbers to build the walls, floor, and roof of their building.

Why Is Sound Insulation Important?

Living in an area where the degree of sound pollution is higher than average can cause mental and physical issues. People can feel sick if they live in constant heavy noise for a prolonged period.

At the same time, if your house produces extreme noise daily, it can cause irritation among your neighbours. And you may have to face legal consequences for allowing this to happen.

Talk to your timber merchant to get their advice on making your home soundproof by using the best quality timber. At Lordans Timber, you can find all kinds of help buying the right kind of timber according to your project’s requirements and budget. We are licensed timber suppliers for various types of construction projects in and around Kent.

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