Timber flooring is an appealing choice for every interior. The colour and texture of solid timber floor enhance the aesthetics, also bringing about an exquisite ambience to the room. While there are various kinds of engineered timber wood available for flooring purposes, you can consult reliable timber merchants for premium quality assurance.   

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Tips to care and maintain the timber floor

Unlike the ceramic, porcelain or tile ones, floors made from timber demand more care and maintenance. Since the material is natural and organic, you should evaluate the condition of the wood periodically to avoid potential damage.

  • Check the moisture content

For timber floorings, the professionals use wood like maple, ebony, oak, cherry or walnut. However, we suggest you keep it away from water or moisture. In areas with high moisture content in the air, you must be careful to prevent rot and damage.

If you spill water on the floor, clean it dry with a soft microfiber cloth. Its soft and highly absorbent texture causes less damage to the wood. You can also use a vacuum cleaner that is attached to a soft nozzle or brush.

  • Recoat the timber floor

Any good timber floor can last as long as 20 years. By following the proper maintenance techniques and keeping the surroundings dry, you can ensure these floors' longevity. Merely mopping or cleaning with a vacuum is not enough. Hence, we suggest that you recoat it once every three months.

By coating, the wood becomes fine toned and durable. You can choose between oil-based and water-based sealers. They are highly effective to protect the expensive wood as well as accentuate its beauty. It also enables complete waterproofing.

Some quick Do's and Don'ts

  • 1.Walk on the floor wearing socks and not shoes
  • 2.Never walk on the timber floor with wet feet for the first seven days after installation
  • 3.Avoid using a detergent
  • 4.Do not pour water directly on the floor
  • 5.Avoid using DIY household items like baking soda, abrasive cleaners, ammonia
  • 6.Prevent the use of harsh cloth or chemicals as they strip oil and nutrients off the floor
  • 7.Follow the appropriate instructions for cleaning that comes complimentarily from the installation services

At Lordan's Timber, we provide timber services to all our customers. Our growing business of timber merchants assures high standard work with long term sustainability.

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