Timber is one of the sustainable materials that we use in various parts of our houses. From joinery to furniture, timber finds wide usage. It is a top pick for any house owner for its consistency and sturdiness. However, we tend to ignore the various health benefits offered by timber.

Why Timber?

It may sound surprising, but timber products affect our physical and mental well-being positively. If your house contains a sufficient amount of quality timber supplies, you may notice some improvement in your health and lifestyle.

Different Health Benefits of Timber:

To experience the good effects of timber on your health, you should buy timber supplies in Sussex from a reputable source. Here’s more detail about the advantages that timber can offer to you.

  • Improves Creativity: Living in a house with timber products can keep you much more focused and stress-free. As a result, it stimulates your creative efforts. Professionals in the field of arts should particularly note this point.
  • Timber keeps us Cool: Timber basically contains a cellular structure with many air pockets. This quality promotes better insulation in a house. So you can remain cool even if there is scorching heat outside. You can also save yourself from paying extra for the artificial insulation of your home.
  • Natural Immunity Booster: Currently, we are living in a period where good immunity is a primary requirement. Higher immunity guarantees faster recovery from various diseases. You can boost your immunity naturally by using timber products in your house. You will fall sick less often due to common cold. Timber is also scientifically proven to enhance the vitamin D Levels in our bodies.
  • Regulates Stress: This is perhaps the most important health benefit offered by timber. A recent study found that timber can play a major role in reducing the effects of sympathetic nervous system activation. To put it simply, there are lesser chances of psychological stress development. No matter the type of stress you face, you can remain calmer and relaxed when surrounded by timber.

These are the major health benefits offered by timber products. If you are looking for a trusted supplier who can provide top-grade materials, consult Lordan’s Timber today. We are a well-known name for timber supplies in Sussex. You can expect a personal touch and care in all our services. We source the finest quality timbers that can positively impact your health.

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