Wood has been used to craft furniture since the ancient days, a proclivity disturbed only recently by the Industrial Revolution, which introduced alternative substances like steel, iron, plastic and aluminium to the market place. That led to a drop in production of wooden furniture, even though the lack of quality and finish offered by the available albeit alternatives were only accentuated over years of manufacturing with wood substitutes. In this blog, we list the most prominent factors responsible for the timeless nature inherent in furniture made of wood.

Stability And Toughness

In comparison with other cheaper materials, wood lasts much longer and requires little or no maintenance. The durability of your furniture would depend on the type of wood used to create it. Furniture created with Hardwoods like Cherry, Walnut and White Oak can be trusted to preserve their look, form and integrity comfortably through the foreseeable future, lasting generations. Softwoods like Pine and Cedar are ubiquitous in the furniture industry, and are cheaper than Hardwoods owing to the fact that the former take less time to grow and mature for harvest.

While Softwoods are less durable than Hardwoods, furniture made with the former tends to assume character over time. This manifests in blemishes, marks, scratches and spills adding a rugged, shabby-chic personality to the softwood furniture that gets more pronounced over time. In addition, the comparatively lighter colour of softwood tends to saturate into a darker, more ornate shade, the longer it is exposed to light.

Because wood is the most durable substance you could select for your furniture, it pays you great resale value if you should ever seek to sell it.

Undemanding Maintenance

Wood furniture is the easiest of all furniture to maintain. Usually it only involves perfunctory dusting with a piece of cloth. For spills and messes, a wet microfiber cloth can be used. Look after your wood furniture and it will always reward you by looking its best for many years and more after its purchase. With other furniture, with furniture made of iron, for instance, you are required to be on your guard to monitor and defend against the eventual onset of rust.

Uniqueness: The Vagaries Of The Human Hand

Every piece of wood is unique. Even when wood furniture is mass-produced, using the same processes and the same materials, there will still be stirring differences between any two units. There would be observable, notwithstanding slight, variations in the thickness and direction of each grain if you compared wonderfully grained woods like live edge walnut and sawn white oak. In addition, wood provides an artisan much more potential and endless malleability in the form of infinite possibilities that no other material used in building furniture can offer. The fact remains: a metal desk or chair can never have the unique aura that a piece of wooden furniture can possess. This is why wood furniture is cherished and valued so highly.

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