It is not as difficult to choose a hardwood timber source as it is to split an atom. When your firm depends on high-quality timber, though, it might mean the difference between keeping customers happy and watching them take their lucrative business elsewhere. The following are some things to think about while looking for a full-service timber supplier with knowledge in production and distribution.


Doing business with trustworthy suppliers who keep their word is essential in a sector where handshakes and the worth of a person’s word still hold sway. Make sure the vendor you select doesn’t make any commitments they can’t keep. One of the most important characteristics of a wood supplier should be their honesty and commitment to treating clients fairly.


You anticipate receiving hardwood lumber of a particular grade and calibre as a customer. Therefore, the supplier you select must be able to consistently provide the kind of lumber you want. Your company is dependent upon it. When demand is strong and supply is limited, a provider must be trustworthy enough to have backup plans. A supplier like this may assist you in locating the wood you want at costs that are agreeable to you.

Supply Chain Access

Every company involved in the lumber sector is aware that inventory has peaks and dips. The fact that certain suppliers have better access to supplies than others is less well known. Access to the timber supply is never reliable, regardless of the availability of sawmills, logs, existing kiln-dried stocks, or relationships with suppliers. You will benefit from having more lumber inventory and product alternatives to pick from when working with several suppliers that have access to possible supplies; and, you won’t have to worry about supply abruptly running out.

Product Excellence

Products made of hardwood are evaluated in accordance with the recognised industry standards. The customer anticipates receiving the appropriate cutting units for each grade they have bought. The quality of the timber the client obtains is impacted when timber is treated off-grade or with other undesirable faults present. This implies that you could buy boards that are useless for your needs, wasting your money. Make sure the provider has grading, drying, sorting, and shipping experience. This will guarantee you the product quality you want.

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Lordans Timber is one of the well-known timber merchants in Horsham, UK. We Supply treated timber, MDF moldings, Stair products, sheet material to Sussex, Kent, and Surrey