When it comes to timber there is a lot of players in the market as timber is one of the natural resources available on Earth. Hence, the cheap availability of the raw material had enabled a lot of merchants in this trade. But when the question rises about trustworthy timber merchant in Sussex there come only one name and it is Lordan’s Timber. Owing to its family business the business has more personal apart from a professional approach. Timber can be used in any aspect of life be it rooftops or furniture or even your walking stick, timber plays an important role in providing support to our well being.

Timber Merchant Sussex

Insights of Lordans Timber

The name is so popular among the timber merchants that they do not need any descriptions. Originating at Horsham Lordan’s Timber had spread its wings in places like Sussex, Kent, etc. They are proud of their achievements since everything is exclusive because of the family touch in the business which matters the most for the success story.  Be it in terms of customer satisfaction to customer’s delight Lordan’s Timber had left no stones unturned. The constant improving relationship with the customers helped the business to blossom through the years. Doing no compromises in the terms of quality Lordan’s Timbers aspire to supply happiness in the form of timber to you people. We such beautiful relationships we developed a special ability to deliver within 24 hours or less from the receipt of the order. Your support and satisfaction have enabled us to extend our business in new areas and we are grateful to you.

What do we supply?

Although we try to provide timber all possible purposes but still we have enlisted some of our premium services they are MDF Moldings and all its varieties, Stair Products and all possible varieties, Sheet Materials and all possible varieties. All these are possible for treated timber (c24) and also a lot of other variants that are not mentioned here. We also supply timber for Roofing, Guttering, and Fascia even for insulation purposes too.  Okay, these are collateral things that we trade but we also tend to match ourselves from customer’s expectations and tries our level best to reach the customer’s satisfaction. Needless to say to which we have been successful for quite a greater number of operating years.

Why do we need timber?

Maybe this one is the easiest question to answer as the answer is too simple “we need timber to sustain and support our well being”. Does everyone agree? Thank you I knew you would but then why do it is required to mention the question? Well, the answer can be it is required to create awareness about timber quality and fraud merchants roaming freely in the market. The question and answer may be totally out of context but nevertheless, it serves the purposes. Just you beautiful people for your beloved and valuable wood products in Sussex please do get in touch with the best timber merchant Sussex.

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Lordans Timber is one of the well-known timber merchants in Horsham, UK. We Supply treated timber, MDF moldings, Stair products, sheet material to Sussex, Kent, and Surrey