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We at Lordans Timber merchant Sussex pride ourselves on high-quality products along with a high level of customer service. By managing customer expectations and having regular contact throughout we have become an extension of our customers growing businesses. Due to us being a family run business we are able to manage our customer with more of a personal touch. Our aim is to deliver all products within 24 hours from receipt of order if not sooner. Lordan’s Timber will compete with the larger national merchants in the area, and further afield as we now deliver in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

At Lordan’s Timber, we are a team of experienced professionals who are well known as the leading timber merchant in Sussex. We have been in the industry for a long time and have garnered an enviable reputation for ourselves due to the quality of our products. Being one of the biggest stockists of timber in the area, and pride ourselves on the fact that we can deliver to all our clients’ requirements in the best possible way, and this comprehensive nature of our work is what sets us apart in the industry. Every professional working with us is highly experienced and leaves no stones unturned to make sure that our clients’ requirements are met. Irrespective of the type of timber you need, you can rest assured that you will get it from us.

Knowledge to Take Us Forward

We have built our business on an acute knowledge of the work that we do. Each member of our team is valued for what they do, and it is because of their expertise that we are where we have been able to reach over the years. We are all individually qualified from professional institutions and certified to do the work that we do. You can understand from the fact that since we have been in the industry for as long as we have, we have been able to bring a level of perfection that you would not get from other timber merchants. It is because of this expertise and perfection that we have managed to reach a client base on a national level.

Staying Grounded

Despite the success that has come our way, we have made sure that we do not become complacent about where we are. We firmly believe that becoming complacent is one of the surest ways to downfall. As a matter of fact, we are always looking to improve upon the work that we have previously done and set new standards in the industry. We consider ourselves to be in competition with ourselves and outdoing our previous work gives us immense pleasure. On our part, we assure you that we will continue to forge ahead and break newer grounds with the quality of our work and products.

Delivering with a Personal Touch

Because we are a family business, you can be sure that whenever you require timber supplies in Sussex, we will deliver the best products and do it with a personal touch. The best thing about us is that we make sure that we don’t make our clients wait too long before we deliver.

Moving Forward

With our ever-increasing customer base, we have not lost touch with the most important thing: quality, and strive to ensure that we live up to the high standards that we have set in the industry. Having come so far with so much success, you can count on us to continue to keep up the good work and deliver the best timber to you in the years ahead of us.