Cold and damp weather is not a friendly situation for timber products. You might have treated yourself to a beautiful timber tea table or a garden fence during the summers. But, as soon as winter arrives, these products need to be protected against harsh outdoor weather. Although regular maintenance and protective layers will ensure a long life for all timber products, professional agents engaged in timber supplies in Surrey suggest taking special care of the same during the winters is of utmost necessity.

During winters, it becomes challenging to maintain the wooden and timber home decor. Especially if you have timber products at the exterior part of the house, then protecting the same becomes essential, and the protection process is also complex. The damp weather and continuous snowfalls are destructive to the quality of the timber products.


3 timber maintenance tips during winters

Regular cleanup process

Timber surfaces become slippery during the winters when the snow melts. This makes the surface risky to walk through. Hence, if you have timber decks and floors, keep moping the same with a dry and soft cloth to soak off the water. Apart from this, you must keep up a regular cleanup process for all timber products to ensure that the moisture or dampness doesn’t damage the exterior part of the timber product. You can also use a cleaning product to scrub off the dust from the surface of the timber products in winter.

Covering with a protective layer

To protect the timber against harsh weather conditions, you must apply a protective layer on all timber products. Do this before the winter season sets in. The best time to do this is during the early autumn when the weather is completely dry and there is no rainfall. Apply the protective quotes and let it dry under natural sunlight.

Restoring the original glow

If the winter weather has already damaged the timber, don’t worry, there are ways to preserve the same back. You can apply professional restorers after cleaning and scrubbing off the damaged parts of the timber from the surface. These restorers work wonders on the timber’s surface and remove the mundane look of the products. You’ll get back the glowing timber product, apply a protective layer, and prepare the same for the coming winter.

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