Improving the condition of your property is a never-ending procedure. No matter how many features you add to your home, they will look outdated and insufficient after a while. You always like to add more features to your property to improve its current condition and overall value. In this process of property improvement, the use of timber is highly significant. There are lots of areas where you can use timber to make it more elegant, appealing and durable.

Before you talk to your local timber merchant in Sussex about their product stock, you should know the common uses of timber in property improvement projects.

How Can You Use Timber in Your Property

Outdoor Decks

Whether your patio or poolside area, you can use timber to build stylish and efficient decks. The popularity of timber decks is huge in the UK. Most homeowners find those timber planks attractive when they come together to form a robust and elegant platform where you can enjoy your leisure.

Bespoke Stairs

The use of high-quality timber is very popular in interior design. There are houses where you can see bespoke stairs made of timber planks. Interior designers use these planks to create stylish, unique and alluring staircases that will increase the aesthetics of your home to a great extend.

Exposed Beams

Modern homes have exposed or open beams made of timber. This is considered as a fashion of modern interior design and decoration. The characteristic cracks in the wood always give your rooms a raw and organic feature that is unique and unavoidable.

Timber Flooring

This is probably the most popular use of timber in home improvement. If you think that your flooring needs to be replaced, choose hardwood flooring to get something gorgeous, durable and cost-effective for your property. Timber flooring always improves the overall value of your home in the estate market too.

External Cladding

Many homeowners prefer to add external cladding to their house to create a unique feature for their property. The use of timber for this cladding can be done very smartly. Your developer will tell you how timber can be applied for external cladding to create a surface that looks outstanding and offer complete protection.

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