Timber is one of the most important elements used for commercial and domestic furniture making processes. Apart from furniture pieces, you might find timber used for beams, planks and other construction purposes as well. Besides adding to the house’s aesthetic appeal, timber products are cost-effective and can be easily shaped and modified for construction purposes. However, knowing which type of timber is suitable for outdoor construction will make things easier.


Approach a professional timber merchant in Crawley to select the right type of timber for your construction purpose. Some of the best and most commonly used timbers include pine, redwood and cedar. Depending on the need, preference, and budget, a timber merchant will guide you on the type of timber you must select for your product.


Common types of timber

Usually, a timber merchant categorises the timber into three categories: hardwood timber, softwoods, and sapwoods. As the name suggests, hardwoods are generally porous and have a complex structure. On the contrary, softwoods are non-porous. Depending on the weather-resistant conditions, the timber category needs to be chosen. Various natural weather-resistant timber wood types must be used to avoid locus, teak and insect inhabitation.


Pros and cons of using timber for construction purposes


Advantages of using timber


  • Timber can be easily shaped and modified, and hence both domestic and commercial clients like using timber for different construction purposes.
  • Timber wastes can be easily recycled, and while making timber construction, very few pollutants are generated; hence, it is an environmentally-friendly product.
  • Adhesive can easily connect different parts of timbers; hence under controlled weather conditions, timber can be easily used for construction purposes.
  • Timber is also lightweight, easy to handle and can be used for decoration purposes without any hindrance.


Disadvantages of using timber


  • If not properly treated and maintained, timber products may develop decay during monsoon seasons.
  • Timber is also unsuitable for many applications due to the lack of long term durability of the same, and hence careful maintenance is required for the same.
  • If not maintained properly, timber products might be vulnerable to termite attacks.
  • It is not advisable to use timber products near the fire as they are susceptible to igniting.


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