Checkout The Vital Characteristics Of Quality Timber

One of the primary reasons why people prefer using timber while constructing buildings is because it is a naturally occurring material. You can use them as much as you want without worrying about its impact on the environment. Nowadays, timber is used for a wide variety of engineering purposes. If you need timber to build doors, windows, blocks or bridges, get in touch with a reputed supplier of timber in Surrey. They value their reputation and provide good quality timber which possess all the vital characteristics.

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Buying Timber In Surrey? 4 Qualities To Look For


  • Strength

The strength offered by timber makes it resistant to a wide variety of elements. When you choose quality timber, you can assure that the material won’t fail easily and is strong enough to take the burden of loads acting upon it. The strength of timber is largely dependent on the direction in which you are loading it. It can either be transverse or direct. When timber is used to make wooden joists, rafters or beams, the strength of the material is one of the primary things considered during the designing phase.


  • Permeability

You can assume timber to be of good quality if its permeability is low. It should not absorb more than 12% of the water in which it has been placed. The more water it absorbs, the more strength it loses. Few of the common factors on which the permeability of timber depends are the age of the timber, moisture content of the material and the type of timber used.


  • Durability

The durability offered by timber makes it one of the most preferred engineering materials. Choose a reputed timber supplier and you can assure that the material is durable and strong enough to resist the actions of biological agents, physical agents and chemical agents. Though a timber structure can become weak due to the chemical action caused by strong acids, alkali solution or weak acids don’t impact the structural integrity of timber.


  • Hardness And Toughness

The stronger the heartwood is, harder is the timber. Visit a reputed company engaged in timber supplies in Surrey and you can expect the material to be both hard and tough. Timber is resistant to penetration which makes them workable. The tougher the material is, it is more resistant to sudden vibrations and shocks.


Since you are aware of all the vital characteristics of quality timber, it’s time you start looking for a reputed supplier.

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