Why Is It Advisable to Buy Timber from Timber Merchants?

With so much time at hand right now, most of you would like to take up an ambitious DIY project. Building projects mostly feature timber as the main component. This is no surprise considering how sturdy it is in addition to its being beautiful to look at. You can buy lumber from a lot of sources, but a timber merchant in Kent would be the best.

Here is a guide for you to read through and understand the role of a timber merchant. It will no doubt offer enough reasons to convince you to head to one of the specialised merchants for sure.

timber merchant in Kent

Top 3 Advantages to Look for

Getting SpecialisedSpecialised Advice

If you are a beginner or a level above that, choosing timber isn’t very easy. Timber comes in a lot of variety, and each one serves a different purpose. A merchant would be the best person to give you reliable advice and guide you through the process. Someone who has a lot of experience in the industry is suited best for the job.

Accessing a Variety of Choices

As mentioned above, timber has a lot of variety. One project may involve a combination of the various types. Timber merchants are usually good stockists of products. You will find everything in one place most likely and will not have to place an order and wait for weeks to get started.

Cutting to Accurate Size

A good merchant ensures that the wood you get is appropriately cut to suit your needs. This is one of the exclusive options you can avail only from a seasoned merchant. They often have a sawmill operated independently to provide a timber prepared perfectly by getting the wood planed and cut in the required dimension. This indeed helps in saving on a great deal of project time. The best part is that you will get the accurate measurement which is not possible to attain by any DIY measure. This service offered by the timber merchant will also keep your project well within budget. You won’t be paying for anything that’s going to get wasted. So, that makes it a better deal no doubt.

Lordan’s Timber is one of the best timber merchants in Kent. It is a family run business, with a lot of experience in the industry. It aims to deliver products within a day and places customer satisfaction above everything else.

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