Since industrial timber is very durable and robust, its demand has enhanced drastically in the last few years. For someone not aware of the term, industrial timber is timber products scientifically manufactured in factories. They are more durable and stronger than ordinary timber products. You can customise industrial timber according to your desired size and shape. But before you start looking for a reputed supplier of industrial timber, know its common types so you can invest in the right product.


Common Types Of Industrial Timber


  • Veneers

When thin layers of wood are obtained by cutting them using a sharp knife in a rotary cutter, the timber variety is known as veneer. The wood log keeps on rotating against a saw or sharp knife in the rotary cutter. As a result, thin sheets of wood are formed. These sheets are finally dried in kilns to obtain veneer. This timber variety is used to make a wide variety of wood products like block boards and plywood.


  • Plywood

The term ply means thin and plywood is obtained by adding numerous thin layers of veneer or timber. Successive layers of wood are placed one above the other and joined using a suitable adhesive. Pressure is applied on the board after glueing the layers using a hydraulic press. When plywood is manufactured under hot conditions, 150oC to 200oC is considered to be the ideal temperature. This timber variety is used to make ceilings, doors and partition walls.


  • Chipboard

It is offered by almost every industrial timber merchant in Surrey as it is a very common variety of industrial timber. It is made by dissolving bagasse, rice husk ash or wood particles in resins and heating them for some time. It is then pressed to make the boards. Chipboards are also known as particle boards and generally used to create frames and other decorative items.


  • Fiber Boards

Vegetable fibers and wood fibers are the two common materials used to make fiber boards. They are known as reconstructed wood as these boards are quite rigid. The demand for fiber boards is high in the construction industry as they are used for various purposes, including wall panelling. If you also need fiber wood for your construction project, get in touch with a reputed company engaged in timber supplies in Surrey.


Since you are now aware of the common types of industrial timber, it’s time you start looking for a reputed timber merchant.

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