Wood decking is a stylish installation that can change the aesthetics of your garden space. The popularity of timber deckings has always been the same. You can create it as a space for relaxing in the external part of the property.

Choose the Timber Carefully:

To build a deck in the garden, you must be particular in the choice of timber. Generally, you will find two or three species of timber being a perfect match for your decking. However, you can be bold and creative in constructing the platform in your garden with other types of timber too.

Types of Wood Suitable for Constructing Garden Decking:

To get wood of a suitable quality, you must visit reliable timber supplies in Sussex. Here, you can get the choice of timber that you are looking for. Here are some popular choices of timber that you can use for building a garden decking.

  • Pressure Treated Lumber: It is by far the most popular decking material. The pressure-treated lumber is generally made of softwood timbers like pinewood. The timber is then treated with chemicals in order to make them hard and durable. The material offers superior protection from insects and is popular for its affordability and popularity.
  • Tropical Hardwood: These types of timber are popularly used for furniture-making. However, tropical hardwood is rapidly becoming a leading choice for constructing decking. These are extremely hard and dense and can withstand all kinds of weather. All these characteristics make the hardwood a popular choice for garden decking.
  • Natural Softwoods: Nothing is better than using softwood without any chemical treatment. The most popular choices of natural softwoods are cedar and redwood. These woods offer a natural finish and an enriched colour that looks spectacular. However, as these are not chemically treated, you might need to clean and seal them regularly. This may cost you some extra in maintaining the garden decking.

These are the most popular choices of timber that you may use for building wood decking. To source them from a reliable supplier, you can contact Lordan’s Timber. We offer different types of woods for various installations for residential and commercial properties. Our trust and integrity make us one of the leading timber supplies in Sussex. You can get the right type of timber for making your garden decking. To learn more about us, you can visit our website.

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