As a natural and sustainable material, timber can be used in many ways. It can promote both physical and mental wellness. However, choose a reputable timber merchant in Kent for the best quality timber. This blog will discuss fusing timber into your lifestyle to enjoy significant health benefits. Here are the top five health benefits of using timber.


Why is Timber Usage Beneficial For Health?


Reduce stress levels


One of the most prominent advantages that timber may bring is stress reduction. Studies show that visuals of wood surfaces in a room can reduce the activation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Timber plays a key role in improving one’s emotional well-being and self-expression level. Moreover, it helps in reducing heart rate and blood pressure.


Can prevent physical and mental decline in the elderly


The regular use of timber products can significantly improve the social interaction and activities of the elderly. It can definitely boost the possibility of preventing physical and mental decline.


Helps us to recover quicker


Studies show that timber comes with restorative quality. This is mainly due to wood’s link up with nature and the outdoors. So, using timber in our homes can benefit us a lot. For quick results, try adding a few plants to your living, school or work environment as well.


Boosts cognitive ability


Spending time in an eco-friendly office environment increases the cognitive ability of the employees. This is because they are exposed to a green office with proper ventilation. This is very important for people in the creative or artistic fields.


Creates a more comforting environment


According to studies, workplaces with hardwood interiors gave feelings of innovation, energy, and comfort, but offices without wood conveyed feelings of impersonality and discomfort. As nature makes us happy, we must bring timber indoors.


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