Most of us are getting a fair amount of time these days due to the pandemic. To keep your mind distracted and occupied, a lot of ideas must be popping in your head. Construction is one of the top activities that people are taking up right now. Timber merchants in Sussex see a lot of enthusiastic people come into the store every day. But most get lost after some time, and others come back again because they didn’t get it right in the first time. Here are a few tips that will make sure that you aren’t one of them.


  •  Plan ahead of time and in detail. Identify your need and fix your goals before busting into the store. Do your research and find the kind of timber and board best suited to your requirement. You will find three types of wood broadly: construction timber, finishing timber and decorative timber. You have to get one or a mix of these for your project.
  • Don’t walk empty-handed into the lumber yard. Carrying a measuring tape and a calculator can be very helpful. You wouldn’t want to estimate stuff when you can be sure of it.
  • Always get thicker lumber as you will lose some it in the surfacing process. Similarly, buying longer boards will ensure that you can accommodate an occasional split without it ruining your project. Getting the exact amount of wood, you need might seem economical and sustainable. But a small mistake might cost you much more later. Getting some extra lumber is always a good idea, and there are plenty of things you can make with scrap.
  • Always match the colour of the board. A slight difference is a sight for sore eyes. Doing a thorough inspection is good lighting will save you the trouble.


If these considerations are seriously taken into account, you would surely come across the right choice. These factors are natural to be implemented and always help you to make a relaxed decision. Timber is something which is not required every day, but when the need arises, then you must opt for the best.


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