A Beginner’s Guide to Timber

Timber isn’t something we use every day, but it sure comes handy once in a while. When you decide upon a DIY project in the house, choosing the right timber products can create a lot of confusion. With some essential tips in mind, you can save some time in the lumber section.

What are the types of timber?

Timber is of two types, hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is denser, more durable and is not affected by moisture a lot. On the other hand, softwood is more natural to dent and absorbs as well as releases moisture quickly. While hardwood is considered supreme, there are some parts where softwood comes very handy. Hardwood is more expensive owing to the long time the trees take to grow in comparison to the softwood trees.

What should you be looking for when buying timber?

  • Identify the necessity first. The timber you need will ultimately be dependent on what you will be using it for. Do your research and take advice on what complies with your needs.
  • Be on the lookout for good quality wood. You should also keep an eye on the grade of the timber you are buying. Don’t settle for cheaper or better-looking wood. Wood is used for the basic construction or structural needs; the functionality must be the highest priority.
  • Another factor to remember is the size and shape of the wood. Wood comes in a variety of thickness. Make sure to get one that is ideal for your project. You might want to invest in smaller pieces rather than one big plank to avoid wastage. It is best to go shopping after your plan is made.
  • The season and time of buying the wood are also imperative. If you purchase wood way too early, it could rot without being used. Humid seasons damage unused wood very fast. It’s best to acquire lumber when you need it and make sure it is being stored well.
  • Lastly, check for any damage and warping on the pieces of wood you are buying. Straight sections of timber without any infections are your best bet.

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