Timber is one of the indispensable materials for construction works. Still, the critical aspect is that they need to be handled well and a great deal of care towards proper storage facilities. Otherwise, the resource tends to degrade fast and gets wasted. Here are a few useful tips for preserving the quality of the timber while storing them for an extended period.

Top Tips about Effectively Preserving the Standard of the Timber during Storage


The timber should be kept indoors as much as possible.

If the timber is kept outdoors for a long time, then it is very much in exposure to sunlight, wind, and rain. These elements will be extremely harsh on the timber, and they might shrink, bend, warp, and get discoloured. There are high chances that they will succumb to the growth of moulds and insects in them. This will ruin the quality of the wood, and it won’t be of any use any more. This is the reason why they should be stored in a well-ventilated place. That way, they will remain protected from all the harmful elements mentioned.

The timber should be placed on a flat surface

The surface where the wood should be placed must be flat and dry. It is not proper to place them in a horizontal position. That might lead them to warping and bowing. They should always be placed flat, and in case they are put in a stack, then the most massive piece must always be placed at the bottom.

Maintain minimum contact with floor

The timber must never come in direct contact with the floor. Even if the contact cannot be entirely prevented, then measures should be taken to keep minimum contact. If directly held on the floor then the timber might catch the moisture present in the floor. So, if there is a limited option to place them somewhere else other than floor then keep it on a flat surface elevated by at least 150mm off the ground.

Apply coats at the end of each piece of timber

If the timber needs to be stored for a favourably long period, then one essential approach would be coating the ends of each of the pieces. This will prevent them from getting cracked and split at the ends. The coating elements commonly used for the purpose include aluminium leaf paint, microcrystalline wax polish, coal tar, and so on.

Use Timber Wraps 

It is practical to cover the timber with timber wraps. They keep the quality of the wood intact and at the same time the materials used for making the wraps prevent weathering on timber. They can be reused and hence pocket-friendly.


Label Your Timber

Labelling the timber is one of the most critical parts of timber management. The labels bear relevant information about handling and deployment of the piece. This helps the handlers to understand the type of timber or how long it has been stored in the facility, and other necessary details.

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