When it comes to creating an outdoor living space, wooden decks and concrete patios have long been popular choices in and around Kent. While both offer a durable, attractive and versatile option for your backyard setting, there are several reasons why you may choose a timber deck instead of a concrete deck.

Here are the top five reasons why timber is the ideal material for building a deck.


1. Cost: On average, a timber deck is more cost-effective than a concrete patio. With the right materials and proper installation, wood decks can last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance required. Concrete patios may require more money upfront, but regular sealing and cleaning can also last for about 20 years.

2. Design Flexibility: Wood decks offer much more design flexibility than concrete patios do—you can create unique shapes or patterns to make your space look unique or even install benches or fire pits into your structure for added functionality. With concrete patios, you’re limited to basic shapes and sizes that don’t offer much in terms of customisation options or creativity.

3. Environmental Impact: When it comes to environmental considerations, wood wins out over concrete, hands down! Because timber is a renewable resource and has lower embodied energy than other materials like steel or cement, wood decks are the more eco-friendly choice when compared to their concrete counterparts.

4. Easy Installation: Installing a wooden deck typically takes less time and labour as compared to installing a concrete patio because you don’t need specialised equipment or experience to build one properly—all you need are basic tools like drills and saws plus some basic carpentry skills! This makes it easier for DIY who want to tackle the project independently without any outside help from contractors or professionals.

5. Aesthetics: If your goal is to create an inviting outdoor area where people will spend their free time relaxing in nature, then wood is definitely the way to go! Wood decks have beauty and charm that simply cannot be replicated with anything else; their characteristically rustic aesthetic adds warmth and cosiness while still being able to provide great protection against weather conditions like rain, snow, dirt and debris. Additionally, wood has several
attractive finishes ranging from natural woods like cedar or pine all the way up to expensive hardwoods like mahogany, which give your deck an even more luxurious feel.


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