Timber has been used for domestic and commercial construction for ages. With the advent of metals and alloys, the propensity to go for wood-based construction has reduced. However, there is no better alternative to timber for building purposes. Here are the top reasons why you should choose timber supplies in Sussex for your next construction:


Easy on the pocket

Firstly, wood is a much cheaper option than metal construction options. Be it the stairs of your house or the building framework; timber is cost-effective. It provides the same versatility in choice as metal, only at a lower price. Further, there is a larger number of skilled professionals in wood construction. Hence, you save on both the cost of labour and material.

Timber supplies Sussex

Better customisation

With timber, you have a lot of scope for experimentation. It is available in a lot of variants such as:

  • 1.Birch
  • 2.Cherry
  • 3.Cedar
  • 4.Mahogany
  • 5.Oak
  • Pine

Hence, you can customise the choice of timber as per your preferences. Further, you can choose between glue-laminated, cross-laminated, and nail-laminated timber for your construction needs. Wood is perfect for pre-engineered structures too. You can easily opt for pre-made structures that can be assembled on site. In this way, you can customise the building just as you want it.


Responsibility towards the environment

If you are looking for sustainable construction material for your house or warehouse, wood is the answer. Responsibly sourced wood is the only sustainable construction material available today. Using metal is a waste of non-renewable elements. Instead, wood emits lesser carbon dioxide. Timber adds a natural, earthy, and warm glow to any structure. All of this can be achieved by purchasing timber supplies in SussexWhile getting your dream house, you can contribute your bit towards a sustainable environment.


More durable

Last but not least, wood is extremely durable as a construction material. If it is taken care of properly, it can last for centuries. Buildings made out of wood have better structural integrity and are prone to less damage. Wood offers better building stability. Due to their durability, they add value to any property.

Thus, availing of authentic timber supplies in Sussexis an extremely wise choice. Lordans Timber specialises in manufacturing and selling quality timber products. Right from MDF mouldings to stair products, they have it all. All their products are made out of the finest quality timber and are reasonably priced.

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