MDF VS Plywood: Which One Should You Choose?

Finding the right wood is essential for your home improvement. MDF and plywood are the most common options. But which one of the two is a better option for you? Let’s find out.


Benefits of Plywood


  • Plywood Gives a Better Wood Finish 

Timber supplies in Sussex have more plywood stock because of its attractive finish. Plywood takes a more solid-wood look because of its wood strip composition. Higher grade plywood has a smooth look with lots of grain to give off the rich feel of solid wood. In contrast, MDF delivers less smoothness with zero grains.


  • Plywood Has Greater Durability and Strength 

MDF tends to split or sag under considerable pressure due to its soft composition. If you want to build weight-bearing shelves or furniture, you should opt for plywood. Plywood has more flex and elasticity than MDF which enables you to make curves out of it. Plywood is water-resistant and won’t warp, contract or expand under extreme temperatures.


  • Plywood for Better Screw Anchor and Outdoor Projects 

Screws don’t anchor well in MDF because of its soft material. If your wood project needs fastening of nails or screws, then opt for plywood. MDF soaks up moisture, making it unfit for outdoor projects. Plywood furniture for outdoor purposes will last longer than MDF ones.


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Benefits of MDF


  • MDF is Cheaper and Heavier 

MDF wins the price war as it offers excellent thickness at a comparatively low price. The heavyweight of MDF can become an issue if you need to hold, lift or clamp panels while constructing a project.


  • Paints Hold Better on MDF 

If you want to paint your furniture or project, then you should go for MDF wood. The lack of grains allows the paint to sit well. If you want a stained wood project, plywood would be the better choice due to its finish and wood-like grains.


  • MDF is Easy to Cut 

MDF is easy to cut or trim. It won’t crack or splinter along the edges. However, MDF produces more saw-dust than plywood. You should wear a protective mask and work in a well-ventilated space while cutting an MDF wood. 

MDF doesn’t have robust moisture-resistance qualities which makes it unsuitable for outdoor use. You can use it for indoor furniture or decorative panels. MDF stays strong against chipping, making it ideal for drilling, machining or cutting purposes.

Plywood shows excellent strength, moisture-resistance and durability. It is ideal for outdoor furniture, panels, doors, staircases and floors. It is easy to work with plywood as it can be curved and bend easily.


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