How to Find the Best Timber for Your Furniture?



Not all timber will give off the right finish and look to your furniture. It is essential to find the right quality timber to spice up your home decor. Having the best quality timber supplies in Kent will work up your furniture aesthetics and make your home look sophisticated.

Read on to know what you should look for in the wood you invest in.



1. Opt for solid wood


Check for growth rings at the edges of the timber piece and see whether they are similar in the direction of end grain along the surface of the wood. Sometimes paint, or plastic is applied on the face of the timber to make it appear like real wood. Sand the wood to reveal the true nature of your wood.



2. Appearance and grading


The timber should have a shiny appearance and a sweet smell. Lumber gradation is based on its appearance and quality. The elements to be considered included end grains, knots, discolouration, durability, fungi resistance and many more. Always opt for top graded timber.




Dark coloured timber is usually more durable and resistant to pests. However, different varieties of wood have different colours. The wood should be unstained from pests, sanded, and not discoloured. Walnut, teak and mahogany are recommended due to their hard-pressed properties.


Fire-resistant and durable


Hardwood is more resistant to fire due to its natural insulation properties. Use it in your kitchen cabinets or areas which are more prone to catch fire. Durable wood will endure all the carpentry work without losing its form. Teak and walnut are durable woods. Durable wood like teak and mahogany are resistant to fungus, termites, weather conditions and unexpected shocks.


Weight and toughness


Opt for woods which are resistant to shocks, hammering, and vibrations. It should not wear out while preparing or adjusting the furniture parts. Large-sized royal furniture is often made of hardwood because of their weight. Softwood is perfect for modern-day lightweight pieces of furniture.


Water permeability and resistance


Choose a timber which has more non-permeable properties. If the moisture finds easy access to the pores, it will decay soon. The best quality timber also needs to be resistant to pests and termites.



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