Choosing the Right Timber for Outdoor Furniture

Lots of homeowners prefer having wooden furniture in their outdoor spaces. But all kind of wooden furniture pieces is not highly recommended for creating garden furniture. Some of them are specially treated for this purpose by timber merchants in Sussex. Since outdoor furniture items have to be exposed to extreme weather conditions, you need to be careful about choosing the right type of timber to make them.

Choose the right timber-type, and you can obtain some long-lasting, stylish, and functional outdoor furniture for your home in Sussex. Reliable and experienced Timber merchant can help you in this process.

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Outdoor Furniture: Softwood Vs Hardwood

Since garden furniture products have to withstand hazardous elements like dirt, storm, rain, sunlight, termites, fungi, and others, the material has to be strong enough. It must have moisture and rot resistance. 

Hence, hardwood should be your first choice while thinking about creating garden furniture. Hardwoods typically have natural strength and higher density. They become more resistant to rot and moisture. They can easily withstand hazards like a thunderstorm, sunlight, or termites.

However, some specific types of softwood also have properties that make the furniture long-lasting. They perform well as outdoor furniture. But, when it comes to selecting something durable and robust, nothing can beat hardwoods.

What Are the Most Suitable Timber Species You Should Look for?

Timbers with excellent durability, beautiful texture, and flexibility should be picked for making garden furniture. Keeping these features in mind, you can choose;

    1. Teak: Teak is considered the most appropriate material to create outdoor furniture. It is durable, waterproof, beautiful, and resistant to sunlight. Hence, you can use teak to make beautiful and long-lasting garden furniture.
    1. European Oak: Oak is perennially-popular all over the world for its durability and alluring texture. No wonder carpenters, landscapers as well as property owners prefer to use oak for making outdoor furniture. It is sturdy and robust to withstand elements like heavy wind, sunlight, moisture, rain, and termite. If you are looking for something beautiful, you cannot ignore that classic golden-medium brown colour.
  1.           Iroko: This species has many properties similar to teak. It is also known as African Teak. Hence, this can also be considered as a nice option while buying               timber to make garden furniture. 

Lordans Timber has a vast collection of products from which you can choose the best type of timber for your outdoor furniture items. Best qualities and competitive price are our strength.

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