Timber has been used for strong and durable buildings and structures for centuries. Incorporating Timber into properties has several advantages high strength, low bulk density, low heat conductivity, and others. Here are the top 10 facts on Timber you should know.

Top 8 Quick Facts on Timber:

  • Most Sustainable Building Materials

Among all the building materials, Timber is the most sustainable, meaning it isn’t depleted or damaged permanently. Timber grows naturally and doesn’t require energy or any raw materials to develop.

  • Hardwood and Softwood Timber

Hardwood and softwood are the types of trees which the Timber derives from. Hardwood is denser than softwood.

  • Oak and Pine are the Most Popular Timber

After understanding what hardwood and softwood refer to, you must be wondering which Timber is the best. Oak is the most popular hardwood option, whereas Pine is the most popular softwood.

  • Timber Building is Equally Strong as Brick Building

A property made using Timber is able to last as long as a property made from bricks. However, it also depends upon various aspects like weather, climate and maintenance. If the building isn’t maintained regularly, it may collapse.

  • Properties that are Build Using Timber are More Energy Efficient

Timber homes consume less power than those made from bricks as wood can store heat and works as a good insulator due to space in between its cells. When the temperature goes down, it can release the stored heat until the temperature equalises again.

  • More Trees Are Planted than Harvested in European Timber Industry

Many people feel guilty about incorporating Timber into their properties, but you must know that since trees are one of the most valuable renewable resources, these are harvested responsibly.

  • Timber is Versatile

Timber is also used for various other purposes and is not just limited to home construction. It is also used for making strong furniture, sports equipment and other DIY projects.

  • Natural Electrical Insulator

Besides being a thermal insulator, Timber is also electric resistant, making it the best natural material for electrical insulation.

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