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Leading Timber Merchant in Surrey

We at Lordans Timber merchant Surrey pride ourselves on high-quality products along with a high level of customer service. By managing customer expectations and having regular contact throughout we have become an extension of our customers growing businesses. Due to us being a family run business we are able to manage our customer with more of a personal touch. Our aim is to deliver all products within 24 hours from receipt of order if not sooner. Lordan’s Timber will compete with the larger national merchants in the area, and further afield as we now deliver in Surrey.

At Lordan’s Timber, we are a team of well-known professionals who are celebrated as the most reliable timber merchant in Surrey. We have been in the industry for a long time, and ever since our inception, have managed to meet our clients’ requirements in the best possible way. We are extremely dedicated to the work that we do, and take the matter of client satisfaction very seriously. One thing that we firmly believe is that if we continue to offer the best products, we can achieve client satisfaction easily. We do not like to take shortcuts and do our work in a way that ensures that we can offer the best timber supplies in Surrey.

Our Values Make Us Who We Are

Since the time when we first set foot in the industry, we have strictly abided by a set of values about how we are going to go about our work. Even though we have had to face the ebbs and flows that are common to any business, we have made sure that we stick to those values. At the end of the day, it was because of those values that we are still in the industry with our heads held high and our integrity stronger than ever. The professionals working with us are all believers in these values, and you can rest assured that they are going to go the extra distance, if need be, to make sure that you are satisfied with the timber that we provide you with.

Moving from Strength to Strength

Over the years, we have managed to break new grounds with the quality of our products and services. We understand that the best competition is with ourselves, and are always striving to outdo the work that we have done previously. We have set numerous standards in our business for others to follow. The bars are set higher by us on a constant basis, and we make it point to challenge ourselves to match ourselves and then set the bar higher still. You can understand that due to the fact that we have been in the industry for as long as we have, a level of perfection has been infused into our work and we could not be prouder of it.

Retaining the Personal Touch

Being primarily a family business, you can expect to get our products and services with a personal touch. We have always believed that we should not generalise the requirements of our clients, of which there are many. Additionally, because we rank among the largest stockists of timber supplies in Surrey, you can be sure that your requirements will be delivered to you not long after you place an order.

The Road Ahead

Having come so far with so much success, we are intent on keeping up the good work and continuing to deliver the best products to our clients. Based on the past and the present, it can be said with conviction that the future looks to be extremely bright for us.

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Timber Products

Treated timber (c24)

Treated timber (c24)

MDF Mouldings

Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Pencil Round Primed MDF Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Ogee Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Torus Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Chamfered/Pencil Round Reversible Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Chamfered/Ovolo Reversible Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Pencil Round Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Skirting

Stair Products

Plain Spindle
Stop Chamfered Spindle
Colonial Spindle
Tulip Spindle
Linear Spindle
Canadian Spindle
Victorian Spindle
Tulip Round Top Spindle
Square Georgian Spindle
Square Edwardian Spindle
Quarter Turn Spindle

Sheet Material

Fascias & Soffits
Joist Hangers
Plaster Materials