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Leading Timber Merchant in Kent - Lordans

We at Lordans Timber merchant Kent pride ourselves on high-quality products along with a high level of customer service. By managing customer expectations and having regular contact throughout we have become an extension of our customers growing businesses. Due to us being a family run business we are able to manage our customer with more of a personal touch. Our aim is to deliver all products within 24 hours from receipt of order if not sooner. Lordan's Timber will compete with the larger national merchants in the area, and further afield as we now deliver in Kent.

At Lordan’s Timber, we are a team of highly experienced professionals who are renowned as the best timber merchant in Kent. We have been in the industry for a long time, during which, we have acquired innumerable satisfied customers. Excellence is something that we constantly strive for, that this pursuit has left us in good stead in our industry. The professionals working with us are all properly qualified and certified to do the work that they do.

We leave no stones unturned to ensure that our products are up to the liking of our customers, and we are quite uncompromising in this endeavour. The success that has come our way has been a result of understanding what our clients expect from us and delivering something even better. We pride ourselves on what we have achieved but believe that we have proceeded very little of what he had set out for, and will undoubtedly get there with the quality of our products.

Our Values Define Who We Are

When we started our operations, we drew out a set of values for ourselves to follow, and can proudly say that there have been no deviations from it over the course of our existence. There have been temptations and prospects of even more success and fame coming our way if we had compromised our values, but we had none of it and continue to conduct our business with our heads held high and integrity upheld.

Continually Raising the Standards

We are often hailed as one of the flag-bearers in our industry and have come to get that recognition because we have set numerous standards for others to follow. There is a firm belief amongst ourselves that the best competition one can have is with themselves. We are always looking to outdo the work that we have done previously and challenge ourselves regularly. Due to the number of years that we have been in this industry, a level of perfection has become part of our work. It is because of these factors that whenever someone requires timber supplies in Kent, our name is the first one that comes to their mind.

Delivering with a Personal Touch

Being a family-run business, we offer our products and services with a personal touch. In a world where everything is becoming increasingly impersonal and robotic, our clients consider what they get from us as something special. We have been told by many clients that besides the quality of our products, they approach us because they know that their specific requirements will be met by us in the best possible way.

The Way Forward

Having been in the industry for so long and tasting so much success, you can rest assured that we will continue to offer the best products and services in the years to come. Complacency does not bode well for us, and we will keep on improving ourselves and evolving to stay relevant in our industry.

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Timber Products

Treated timber (c24)

Treated timber (c24)

MDF Mouldings

Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Pencil Round Primed MDF Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Ogee Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Torus Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Chamfered/Pencil Round Reversible Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Chamfered/Ovolo Reversible Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Pencil Round Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Skirting

Stair Products

Plain Spindle
Stop Chamfered Spindle
Colonial Spindle
Tulip Spindle
Linear Spindle
Canadian Spindle
Victorian Spindle
Tulip Round Top Spindle
Square Georgian Spindle
Square Edwardian Spindle
Quarter Turn Spindle

Sheet Material

Fascias & Soffits
Joist Hangers
Plaster Materials