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Leading Timber Merchant in Kent - Lordans

Lordans Timber always aims to deliver high-quality products and top-notch customer service. By managing the customers' expectations and establishing a strong bond, we have positioned ourselves as an extension of our customers' growing businesses. We are a family-run business that strives to manage the expectations of customers with more of a personal touch. After receiving an order, we aim to deliver it within 24 hours. Our company is going to compete with the big local, national merchants as we now deliver in Kent.

At Lordan's Timber, our experts are well-known as the best timber merchants in Kent. We have years of industry experience, during which we have gained a lot of satisfied clients. We always strive for excellence, and this has left us in a good position in the industry. Our experts are highly qualified and certified to get the job done right. We put in the much-needed effort to make sure all our clients like our products. We leave no stone unturned in this endeavor. We achieved success by understanding what our customers want from us and delivering even better products. We are proud of the success achieved till now and believe that it's only the start to accomplish the objective we had set out for. We are confident that we will reach this feat with our product quality. 

Our Values Define Who We Are

When we started Timber Supplies in Kent, we shortlisted a set of values to follow. We take pride in ourselves since there are no digressions from it throughout our existence. If we had compromised our values, there would have been prospects of more success. But, we continued our business with integrity and heads held high.

Raising the standards repeatedly

We are often recognised as one of the leading names in the industry. This is mainly due to the fact that we have set many standards for others to follow. We firmly believe that we are our best competitor. We always strive to do something more or better than the work we have done previously.

As we are highly experienced, a level of perfection has become a part of our job. Due to these reasons, our name comes first in mind when someone needs high-quality timber in Kent. 

Offer products and services with a personal touch

Our family-run business aims to deliver services and products with a personal touch. In a world of impersonal and robotic things, our customers consider what they get from us as something special. Our customers say that they not only approach us for the quality of products, but they know we will meet their specific needs in the best possible manner.  

The way Forward

After gathering so much experience and success, you can rely on us to deliver the best products and services in the near future. Self-satisfaction doesn't bode well for us, and we always look for ways to improve ourselves and be competitive.

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01293 871141
Timber Products

Treated timber (c24)

Treated timber (c24)

MDF Mouldings

Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Pencil Round Primed MDF Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Ogee Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Torus Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Chamfered/Pencil Round Reversible Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Architrave
Q-Line Primed MDF Chamfered/Ovolo Reversible Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Pencil Round Skirting
Q-Line Primed MDF Ovolo Skirting

Stair Products

Plain Spindle
Stop Chamfered Spindle
Colonial Spindle
Tulip Spindle
Linear Spindle
Canadian Spindle
Victorian Spindle
Tulip Round Top Spindle
Square Georgian Spindle
Square Edwardian Spindle
Quarter Turn Spindle

Sheet Material

Fascias & Soffits
Joist Hangers
Plaster Materials