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Well Known Timber Merchant in Horsham, West Sussex

Lordans Timber merchant in Horsham pride ourselves on high-quality products along with a high level of customer service. By managing customer expectations and having regular contact throughout we have become an extension of our customers growing businesses. Due to us being a family run business we are able to manage our customer with more of a personal touch. Our aim is to deliver all products within 24 hours from receipt of order if not sooner. Lordan's Timber will compete with the larger national merchants in the area, and further afield as we now deliver in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

We are a team of well-known professionals who are highly recognized as one of the best timber merchant in Horsham. The number of years that we have spent in the industry has helped us perfect the work that we do. You can rest assured that the timber supplies that you are going to get from us will be of the highest quality. We consider the matter of client satisfaction as one of our top priorities and go to great lengths to see to it that our products and services are of a certain standard that can acquire the satisfaction of our clients for us. The professionals who constitute our workforce are all infused with the urge that their work should be to the liking of our clients, and this is something that we never compromise with.

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Abiding by Our Set of Values

The thing that sets us apart in our industry is the fact that we have chalked out a set of values for ourselves ever since our inception and we abide by them irrespective of the situation in which we find ourselves. We are acutely aware of the fact that it can be rather easy to give them all up if it means that we are going to be even more successful than we are, but we keep ourselves away from such temptations as they all turn out to be short-lived. Having been in the industry for as long as we have and considering the success that has come our way, it would have been easy for us to become complacent about ourselves. But we keep ourselves at a safe enough distance from such a state of mind as we believe that complacency is one of the surest ways to start one’s downfall.

Continuing to Learn and Improve Ourselves

We believe that there is no limit to how much a business can improve if they continue to reinvent themselves. We have made it a point to never be satisfied with where we find ourselves and continue to learn so that we can keep improving exponentially. We have set numerous new standards in our industry, and continue to do so regularly. The biggest competition for us is ourselves, and we make it a point to try to outdo the work that we have done previously.

Timber Supplies in Horsham with a Personal Touch

Since we are a family business, you can be sure that the products and services will be offered to you will be done with a personal touch. In a time when everything has become so impersonal, we take immense pride in the approach that we take to our work. It is this approach, after all, that has helped us reach this stage. We are intent upon continuing the good work in the years to come and offer the best timber supplies in Horsham to our clients. There will be no letting up from our end, so you are assured of getting only the best. contact us to get the best quotes from us

Timber Supplies Horsham

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