Key Reasons for the Widespread Use of Timber in Construction

For centuries, timber has been used in the construction of buildings, and even though there have emerged numerous new materials, the use of timber supplies in Sussex has not seen a decline. There are quite a few reasons why it has been like that, and in the following slides, these reasons have been touched upon.

Easy to Get

  • The thing that has to be understood about timber is that you will never run out of it, as long as you plant a tree in place of the one you just cut down.
  • This means that whenever there is a need for more timber supplies in Sussex, you can find it without much trouble.
  • The ease with which it can be acquired has made timber so popular in the construction industry, even when there are other materials available.


  1. Another factor that works in favour of timber is that it offers amazing insulation to heat and electricity.
  2. The heat inside the house will not be able to escape if the walls and ceilings are made from timber.
  3. This is quite a good advantage to have, as you won’t be required to turn on the heater to keep yourself warm while you are at home.


  1. One of the best things about timber is that while it is quite lightweight, the strength it offers is quite impressive.
  2. The tensile strength is also worth mentioning, as you can bend it to a great extent without worrying about breaking it.
  3. This makes timber the go-to option as far as using as a material for structural beams in concerned.

These are the reasons why timber has stayed so relevant in the construction industry. Despite the advent of so many other materials, timber has held onto its popularity.

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